Durable aluminum

The aluminum coatings applied by MST has many advantages for you as customer. In addition to its many applications aluminum is a lot lighter than regular steel. This property makes it possible to produce it in many shapes and sized. A few advantages for your information:

  • Aluminum is a light and strong material that easy to shape and form;
  • The lightweight products offer many advantages when used in machines. Lightweight parts can move faster which results in a higher possible production output.
  • Because of the lightweight the stress that the product applies to other parts of the machine is also reduced. This extends the longevity of the other products as well.

Ceramic on aluminum

A big disadvantage of aluminum is that it’s not very wear resistant. MST has developed the solution for this! We can treat your aluminum products with a special ceramic coating. This results in your product receives properties that make the material more wear-resistant than steel!

Because we make use of a complex electrochemical process it’s possible for us to coat products that have complex shapes. The ceramic layer is applied partially to the surface and partially the coating will be transferred into the material it’s applied on. This results in a good coverage of the applied coating to the product. The finished product is a combined product with high wear resistant properties and a low weight.

The advantages that ceramic aluminum can offer you are:

  • Hardness of +/- 1500 Hv
  • Low friction
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Applicable as surface for lacquer
  • Excellent stickiness when glued
  • Applicable on almost every aluminum alloy
  • The coating provides a thermal and electrical isolation
Class Hardness Rockwell (HRC) Hardness Vickers (HV)
Ceramic on aluminum
7075 T6
0 HRC 1600 HV
Hard chrome 68 HRC 1100 HV
Chemical hardnickel on steel 67 HRC 900 HV
Chemical hardnickel on aluminum 50 HRC 530 HV
Hard steel (stavax) 50 HRC 520 HV
Hard anodization 45 HRC 450 HV
Stainless steel 30 HRC 300 HV

Extra option!

It’s also possible to, next to the coating, to impregnate your product with PTFE (Teflon coating). This gives the product non-stick or lubricating properties. This coating is also available in a food proof option.

[powr-graph id=48beb7ec_1463229993132]


  • Molds for synthetic extrusion
  • Injection molds for synthetic products
  • Parts for packaging machines and other machining purposes
  • Engine parts
  • The sides of a piston to achieve less friction and a longer life expectancy
  • Pump parts

These are just a few examples, it’s basically applicable on every aluminum part for which you desire a high wear resistance!

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