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Metal Surface Treatment BV is specialized in the application of galvanic and chemical coatings on a wide range of metal surfaces. We have a wide offer of available coatings applicable to almost every metal there is on the market, see the table below for more options:

Our organization has a proven track record of more than 50 years of experience and started back in the day working for DAF and Philips. Because of changes in demand and the abolishment of cadmium treatments Metal Surface Treatment had to find different ways to assure its future. In present day we can basically supply you with every galvanic and chemical surface treatment possible, all within our own facilities. This feat paired with our extensive knowledge and the right materials results in an optimal service and quality for our customers.

Over the last 10 years Metal Surface Treatment has developed a number of new coatings, for example to make aluminum more wear resistant than steel. This is managed by applying a molecular ceramic layer to the product.

Because of our proven track record we can give you the best advice possible. If you have questions about possibilities to improve the performance and properties of your product do not hesitate to contact us. This advice is free of charge and does not subject you to any other responsibilities!


Here at Metal Surface Treatment we strive for maximum customer satisfaction. By choosing for MST you assure yourself that we do our best to improve the properties of your products. By making use of our coatings you a customer put yourself in a position where it is possible to improve the performance of your products and give them a second life. We want to contribute to a better performance of your company and products.

MST can also, if requested, develop new processes through which we strive for 2 main goals. The primary goal is to enhance the properties of the final product, the secondary goal is to develop a process that is as environmentally friendly as possible.


Quality is one of the most critical things here at MST, we want to make sure that you as our customer have no worries about the quality of your products. Because of this we have made sure that we’ve made all the necessary investments to be able to guarantee you the best quality products possible.

We have access to a well-equipped laboratory with all the equipment needed to properly monitor and adjust all the galvanic processes if needed. All products that leave our plant are checked for sufficient thickness and proper coverage. In addition to this we constantly analyze our baths to make sure your products are meeting quality standards. Before the product enters each following step they are visually checked for defects. When finished the products receive a last check according to the demands that you as customer have specified to us.