Do you have a lot of products that after a while lose their shine and are not as beautiful as you’d like them to be? Well MST has the solution for you. By using the by Special Platings developed high frequency polishing technic we can restore your products and provide a shining new surface.

But electrochemical polishing can be used for much more than just a shining surface, a few examples:

Caution! The result of high frequency electrochemical polishing is determined for a big part by the preparation of the surface before starting the process. This surface may not be too crude, plasma polishing will result a very high shine but is not meant to remove any deep scratching from your products.

High frequency electrochemical polishing is applicable on the following base materials:

The polishing process offers you the following advantages:

We are talking about an environmentally friendly process conform the latest restrictions. We here at MST strive to spare the environment as much as possible with everything that we do.