If you happen to be a collector of old-timer cars or motorbikes and you are looking for a company to restore all your old parts back to new then look no further! We can treat your products with a galvanic coating an give them a silver of yellow-gold color.

We can treat your products, under the condition that you supply the product without any traces of paint on them!

 Rust on the contrary is not an issue, we can easily remove this in our pickling baths.

Parts that contain vulcanized rubber are also treatable within our facility, our processes will not damage the rubber in any shape or form. You also don’t have to take the rubber and product apart.

CAUTION! All the products that you put into our care have to be made of iron. Aluminum or Zamak (an alloy with a base of aluminum) will dissolve in our process baths and are tot treatable

 If you want to check if your products are made of iron you can make use of a magnet, the aforementioned products will not stick to the magnet, iron will. If you want to paint your galvanized parts it’s important that you use a primer that is suitable for non-ferro materials.

Small parts

Smaller parts like nuts and bolts are also very well treatable. Under the condition that you can supply us with a bucket full of product, we have to do this because this makes sure that the layer we apply sticks to the product sufficient enough.

But even if you only have a few products for us to galvanize for you it’s not an issue. In this case you can bind the products together by using an iron wire.  We can then take products and hang them in one of our smaller baths.


MST can treat the front-ends of your motorcycle with a new hard chrome layer. We will remove all the old chrome left on the tube and grind away all the old damage on the front tube. After this we will apply a new, and thick, chrome layer that is thicker than the original layer. After this we will grind the front-end back to the original size. Your front-end will be better than new because the chroma layer is now much thicker than the original product.
The front-end needs to be disassembled when delivered to Special Platings, we can also provide this service for you but this will cost extra!

Gas tanks

MST can chemically clean the inside of your gastanks and apply a synthetic coating to the inside of the tank. This will prevent excess dirt from getting into the fuelsystem through the gastank.
Please note that the coating has to set for atleast 2 weeks before you can fill the tank with gas