Stainless Steel Pickling

Stainless steel is pickled to remove iron decontamination on the surface of the product and to remove any discoloration from for example welding. During the pickling process Special Platings will thoroughly clean your products until they no longer contain any iron parts/decontamination.  If these parts are not removed in a timely matter you will risk further corrosion and discoloration of your production equipment.


After the stainless steel pickling the product will be passivated. During this process the passive cover that was lost during the pickling process will be restored. By doing this the product will regain its corrosion resistance.

General information

During the pickling process your products will be thoroughly cleaned and a new passive layer is applied. When transporting your products there are a few precautions you have to take:

  • During transport you have to be careful that the products don’t come into contact with other products containing iron. This can cause new iron decontamination which means that the whole process has to be done again from scratch.
  • Storing of your products after the pickling process has to be in an environment without any metal treatment in the immediate surrounding. We also do this to guarantee the purity and quality of your product.
  • Products that have a high iron value can only be pickled for a short time. If we do this too long it can happen that the product gets corroded in the alloy.